Understand Russia book cover

Understand Russia Book Published!

E-book and Paperback available!

My Dear Readers! Thank you so much for sending me your smart, witty and sometimes totally unexpected questions about Russia, reading blog posts and commenting on them! Without you, this achievement would not have been possible! Understand Russia book is based on this blog, but I have spent more than a year on organising all the content, adding some new pieces, and editing the text. I hope that you and your friends enjoy reading about everyday life in Russia, visiting Russia, doing business in Russia, food in Russia, dating in Russia and many other topics! I would love to hear from you – how you liked the book! And, after you read it, if you could leave a review in Amazon, it would be absolutely amazing! Also, let me know if you have any new questions. The book is published, but it does not mean there are no new topics to write about. From Russia with Love, Tanya

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