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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning In Russia

Time before Easter and/or May Holidays is time to do Spring cleaning, both at home and in the city. Here is how we, Russians, approach…

Communal flats

Communal Flats in Russia – Shared Life

When I wrote about apartments of modern and Soviet time, I forgot to write about communal or shared flats. These were the flats, shared by…

USA vs. USSR arcade hockey.

✎GUEST POST: American Perspective on the Soviet Union

Understand Russia is thrilled about having the first guest post from friend and colleague from the business school Andrew, who writes the blog about wise…

dining table from the movie

A Typical Apartment of the Soviet Time

USSR with its planned economy was a strange place to live. Everything was standardized, including residential buildings, apartment plans and furniture. Let’s explore what was…

USSR Avos'ka bag

Packaging In The USSR Or Why We Keep Plastic Bags

A year ago I was in Cuba and bought some fresh mangoes and papayas to take home with me. Finding a wooden or a cardboard…


Role of Branding In Russia Over The Last Century

Being a professional marketer, I am fascinated to explore the role of consumer brands in Russia over the last century. That was a true roller…

Back to school postcard

Back To School – Russia

September 1st is the day, when we start the new school year in Russia. This day is significant for both students and for adults whether…

USSR flag

What Do Russians Think About The USSR now?

I often refer to the USSR times in this blog and compare good and bad things from that time with current events in Russia. The…

Soviet food store

Life Hacks From Soviet Time Or The Story of Deficit

Timely post. Self-imposed embargo on food products from a range of countries makes many of us think about Soviet time.  I abstain from politics in…

Kolbasa doktorskaya

Kolbasa – The Food Symbol of The USSR

If there is one product, Russians are most passionate about – it is “Kolbasa” – sausage. THIS is the food generations of Soviets grew up on. Kolbasa…