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Kremlin at night

Visiting Russia – FAQ

It is sunny and warm now in Moscow, best time to visit! In the last several weeks you have sent me dozens of questions on…


What Does It Mean To Be a Muscovite?

Guardian has done an amazing Guardian Moscow project this week! The well-respected media outlet decided to research all aspects of being a Muscovite. Being one, I do…

cheese sommelier logo

People of Moscow – Cheese Sommelier

Understand Russia is opening a new chapter today – People of Russia. The first interview is with an entrepreneur Alexander Krupetskov, a former programmer, who…

Fireworks on the Victory Day in Moscow

Russian Clouds Sure Have a Silver Lining

There are some things that we, here in Russia, take for granted. One of such things is that it is always sunny on major holidays….

looking at watch impatient

The Impatient Side Of Russians Uncovered

I was traveling the past two weeks. And mentioned something that is worth sharing here. Russians are impatient. I do not know why, but let…

Night traffic jams in Moscow

How to Entertain Yourself in Moscow Traffic Jams?

People living in other cities will not be able to relate to that. Most people consider an everyday commute of 30-40 minutes each way to…

Steel door lock

What’s Behind the Russian Steel Door Culture?

We have a saying – My house is my fortress. And fortresses should be equipped with safe doors. Speaking seriously, although Moscow is indeed quite…

Sochi Olympics logo

Moscow Talking About Sochi Olympics

Sochi is the focus of the world media now. Wonder how the Games have influenced our life here in Moscow? Here is an insiders view….


How Do People Keep In Shape In Moscow? Part II – Diets

Russia has long and cold winters. People tend to eat more in cold climate. Layers of clothes make it easy to hide a few extra…


How Do People Keep in Shape in Moscow? Part I – Fitness

Being in shape in Russia is more or less valued by men and is absolutely crucial for women. Why it is optional for a man…