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Traditional Russian windows

Small Towns of Russia

All small towns in the world have similarities – people know each other, pace of life is slower than in large cities. Usually, living in…


Storytelling in Russia from Tolstoy To Modern Days

Russians love to tell stories. Narrative styles do show intercultural differences in the most vivid way. So, how do Russian stories differ from stories from…


Maslenitsa – Time to Eat Russian Blinis!

 Do you guys eat blinis all the time or just on some special holidays? Yes, we eat blinis(Russian pancakes) time from time all year round….


Balcony, Country House, Garbage Can or the Lifecycle of Things

Balkon, dacha, pomoika (balcony, country house, garbage can) or the lifecycle of things This phrase will instantly cause a smile on any Russian’s face. And…


Russians Take Off Shoes at Home

I always wondered about the custom of taking off shoes when you go to someone’s place. For me, it appeared to be quite funny to…