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Serving Food – Russian Way

I love receiving your questions about Russia! It is fascinating to see what interests you and which questions you ask. I would’ve never invented some…

mushroom picking

Mushroom Picking – Russian Tradition and Passion

For most people, living on our planet, mushrooms are either champignon or shiitake mushrooms and both are sold in a grocery store. For Russians – mushrooms…

cheese sommelier logo

People of Moscow – Cheese Sommelier

Understand Russia is opening a new chapter today – People of Russia. The first interview is with an entrepreneur Alexander Krupetskov, a former programmer, who…

Spanish jamón

How Did The Self-Imposed Food Embargo Impact Russia

Last year our government decided to give an asymmetrical response to the sanctions, imposed by Western countries. Russia banned import of food from countries, which…

Beef Stroganoff

What Russians Eat For Lunch And Dinner

Lunch is the main meal of the day in Russia. In old times workers were evaluated by their appetite – how you eat was supposed to…

Syrniki - an option for a tasty Russian breakfast

What Russians Eat For Breakfast

We already described a festive Russian meal. Now it is time to talk about a typical daily eating habits. That does vary by region, so…

Borsch with dill

Russians Soups – Comfort Food For Cold Weather (Recipes included)

When it gets darter and colder, hot soup is the best comfort food for both body and soul. Let’s talk about traditional Russian soups, look…

USSR Avos'ka bag

Packaging In The USSR Or Why We Keep Plastic Bags

A year ago I was in Cuba and bought some fresh mangoes and papayas to take home with me. Finding a wooden or a cardboard…

Russian festive dinner

Festive Dinner USSR Style (recipes included)

Nowadays in Moscow you really do not know what the hosts of the dinner party prepared for you. It can be anything – from oysters…

Kolbasa doktorskaya

Kolbasa – The Food Symbol of The USSR

If there is one product, Russians are most passionate about – it is “Kolbasa” – sausage. THIS is the food generations of Soviets grew up on. Kolbasa…