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Time Is Fluid In Russia

A friend called me last week and asked, why is it impossible to set up a meeting with Russians far in advance and be sure that…

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People of Moscow – Cheese Sommelier

Understand Russia is opening a new chapter today – People of Russia. The first interview is with an entrepreneur Alexander Krupetskov, a former programmer, who…


Role of Branding In Russia Over The Last Century

Being a professional marketer, I am fascinated to explore the role of consumer brands in Russia over the last century. That was a true roller…

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Perceptions of Hard Work vs. Luck in Russia

There is always a duality in the Russian soul. Attitude to work is no exception. From one point of view – Russia was an agrarian…

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How Holidays Disrupt Business in Russia

One of the many things that surprise expats about Russia is the amount of holiday and vacation time. Understanding local time-off habits is very important…

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What Are Dos and Don’ts in Russian Business Meetings?

Knowing business etiquette is important for a successful cross-cultural communication anywhere in the world. Business environment in Russia is becoming less and less unique and…