Russian Pets – Episode 1

One topic that will certainly unite my readers everywhere in the world – pets.  We all love animals, whom we bring to our homes. Let’s explore, what kind of pets live in Russian homes. It is such a rich topic, we will have several posts about this subject!

Episode 1 – Pets on Instagram

I do not know about you, but I follow two accounts of dogs (Welsh Corgies) and one account of a cat (Oriental cat) on Instagram. Dogs (Rufus and Orlu) post more often and tell stories about their humans, Starky the cat talks about himself as all cats tend to do and has a lot of wit and character.

@Starkythecat works at a media holding. Tough job for a cat, but he does well at it.

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@Orlu_Welshcorgi (full name – Elfborg Orlando Bloom) does not work, he lives nice life at his Moscow home near a wonderful park, where he loves to walk and play

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To prove that Russian pets and pets from other countries are equally loved (or maybe to prove that Corgies all over the World live in luxury) – here is the Instagram account of my other dog friend – @Rufus_the_corgi.  Rufus was born in Sweden, grew up in Finland and now lives in Bristol, UK with his two humans.

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Every human needs a pet! Pets need their humans to live good life! To be continued…


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  • Marsha - 5 years ago

    So glad to see a new post! I am really enjoying your blog, very much. Pets are an equalizer of all animal lovers, worldwide.

  • Farmer General - 5 years ago

    There is one thing more that unites decent people around the world. Love!

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    I laughed when I noticed the green in Orlu’s dinner. It’s dill, right? It’s nice to see that everyone loves pets all over the world.