Russian history

Understanding Russian History

History of Russia is an extremely fascinating and a very complicated subject. Recent and not so recent political events are often difficult to understand. What if there were a book, that explained everything on this subject and was also fun to read? Such book exists!

Have Personality Disorder, Will Rule Russia

I already wrote about the book Lenin Lives Next Door by Jennifer Eremeeva. Jennifer is an American, who lives in Russia for 20 years. The Lenin book is a witty description of her day-to-day life in Russia over these years. I loved her book and featured it in a post since this blog is also about day-to-day life in Russia. Sadly, recent day-to-day life topics also include politics and very warning and unclear news about the situation in Ukraine.

I believe that Jennifer’s other book Have Personality Disorder, Will Rule Russia: A Concise History of Russia will help to understand more about Russia’s history, which is valuable now. History always repeats itself as we know.

Jennifer majored in Russian area studies in a Columbia University, so the book is based on research facts. She managed to do the impossible – distill many centuries of Russian history – Kiev Rus, The Tatar Mongol Yoke, Tsar times, USSR time and modern time into a concise and witty book. Despite the odious title, this book is not banishing Russia, it just explains more about the mentality of Russian leaders and population. Here is what Jennifer says about the subject:

“I always think about Russian history in terms of a wide-screen, surround sound IMAX theater. Russian history is epic, larger than life and hyperbolic. The good guys are positively angelic and the bad guys are truly heinous.”

I wish I had read this book when I were in school. Studying Russian history was such a complicated task. I was drowning in a sea of tsars and tsarinas, got lost in historic dates and did not see the overall picture. Now I am much more interested to learn more and I think I understand more.

Good thing is that if you buy the Lenin book, you should get a link to a free download of history book with purchase. If you do not see it – send me an email. I highly recommend both books if you are interested in better understanding Russia.

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  • kathy - 6 years ago

    Russians living in Russia and Russians living outside Russia have two completely different versions of it’s history. I’ve met several “Russians” here as immigrants and they all have a very biased and usually complete lack of knowledge about anything in their history regarding different ethnic groups. Comes from being spoon fed the OFFICIAL version for generations.

    • Tanya Golubeva - 6 years ago

      I agree. I see it especially when it comes to the WWII history. I guess the current events will also be seen very differently in history books of different countries.