Let’s Build UnderstandRussia Playlist Together!

Hello my dear friends! Announcing a fun collaboration – let’s build UnderstandRussia playlist together! Which songs come to your mind, when you think about Russia? Which famous Russian songs do you know? Share your thoughts in comments please!

I have started building UnderstandRussia playlist, but got stuck on 15 songs or so. Please vote for or against these tracks and add new ones! You will see modifications to the mix daily or weekly, depending on the number of entries!

Btw, you can already listen to this playlist on UnderstandRussia website homepage! To do that, open the side panel by clicking on the small box in the upper left corner of the site. Yes, I know, how convenient… But I have not figure out how to install the player, which will be more visible, yet. I will work on that!

And meanwhile, let’s build the playlist!

PS – Oh, and do me a favour please – check out Deezer music streaming service! It is a coolest music service (and my day job ;-)

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  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    Obviously, back to the USSR

    • Tanya Golubeva - 5 years ago

      Oh, how could I forget! Thank you! One moment!

  • Julia Ranft - 5 years ago

    For some reason I am not able to hear the songs on your playlist. I will keep working on it.

    Midnight in Moscow was playing on every bus, every transistor radio, and constantly in my own head while I was in Moscow during the summer of 1964.

  • Andy Coysh - 5 years ago

    Mama Anarchia by Kino – showing my age I’m afraid…

    • Tanya Golubeva - 5 years ago

      Great Song overall! A bit surprised with your choice though – why this song? Please expand. It is really not the typical song about Russia, I am just curious and want to learn more about your connection to Russia and this song

    • Andy Coysh - 5 years ago

      Hi Tanya, when I think of the whole Glasnost/Perestroika period I hear Viktor Tsoy singing ‘Peremen’ and ‘Mama Anarchia’ in my head. Just something I seem to associate with the end of the USSR and the birth of modern Russia!

  • Nina - 5 years ago

    I am not able to listen to the songs either, from the blog post nor from the left panel. I think it’s because we might need a Deezer account? I will try it later.

    • Tanya Golubeva - 5 years ago

      Nina, I am pretty sure that you can listen to 30 sec snippets of songs if you do not have a Deezer account. Having one though is a great choice – 43 Mln tracks (basically all the World music library in your phone) for a price of one coffee per month. Not a bad deal in my mind)) And, you have a trial period of 15 days for free to decide if you want to pay or not))

  • Sam - 5 years ago

    I would add Любимый город мой by Зимавсегда. They are a new Russian indie band, and I love their music. This song was written about St. Petersburg. :)

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    Can’t hear the songs. Not even 30 sec. I believe Высоцкий should be there. Not sure which song exactly..

  • agoldzahn - 5 years ago

    “В лунном сияньи” (different versions)

    О.Арефьева – Плакала девушка

    – Бесконечность
    – Мы разбиваемся
    – Хочешь?

    Маша и Медведи – Без тебя

    Гражданская Оборона – Про Дурачка

  • Lars Bekken - 5 years ago

    Сергей Наговицын should appear on the playlist!?

  • steven - 4 years ago

    Hi Tanya. You have to put the hillbillies on as well please!!! Отава Ё – Сумецкая (русские частушки под драку) Otava Yo. I just love them!!