Olympic Rings joke at the Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony

5 Myths About Russia Disproved By Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympic Games 2014 are over. The Bear had snuffed out the Olympic Flame. These 2 weeks were great. Millions of people all over the world were following the broadcasting of sports events, cheering for their teams, fascinated with the Olympic spirit and the super powers of the athletes. Several myths about Russia were disproved.

While it is a bit sad that the festivities are over, we are happy that the Games went so well and are very proud of our country. Media coverage of Russia in the last decade and especially in the last several years was showing the country as an Evil State. Sochi Olympics gave people all over the world a chance to see another face of Russia – welcoming, athletic, friendly and beautiful.

Here are some myths about Russia that Sochi Olympics (hopefully) had disproved:

1)   Russians do not have a sense of humor

Well, the photo below speaks for itself. We can laugh at ourselves:

Olympic Rings joke disapproves Myths about Russia

2)   Sochi will be a flop

None of the stadiums, pictured at the photo below existed 7 years ago, when Russia won the Olympic bid:

Sochi Coastal Cluster disapproves myths about Russia

Here is what Olga says:

Russian fan in Sochi“I have never been to Sochi prior to the Olympics. But now I will travel there often – both for swimming in the Black Sea in Summer and for skiing in Winter. Sochi is an amazing and fun place. And now it has all the modern infrastructure and luxurious (yet affordable) hotels. I am definitely going to Sochi for Formula 1 this year. Join me!”



3)   Glory days of the Russian Sport are left in the USSR

Our team did exceptionally well. We are very proud and congratulate our athletes! I have to say though that all other athletes were fascinating as well and we greatly enjoyed their performance! We will do some more homework in hockey though…

Sochi Olympics Medal Count

4)   The Games in Russia will not be safe

Security was probably the main concern of all visitors and spectators. I am very happy that the Games went smoothly and acknowledge the great work of the police. “There was a policeman behind every tree or bush. It really felt safe to be in Sochi“, says Olga.

Interesting fact about Moscow Olympics 80’ – there were no apartment robberies or any other crimes during the Games. It is very difficult to manage security at 1/6 of the Earth all the time, but for important events Russia can certainly manage that!

5)   Russians are not friendly to other people

This is the last, but not the least point. Actually, it probably should be the # 1 message of the Games. It is difficult to assess friendliness of people, while watching Olympics on TV, but maybe some of your friends visited Sochi or maybe you have noticed that through media coverage. Russians are friendly, love to see foreign guests visiting our country and offer a lot of hospitality.


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Watch Olga’s videos of the Closing Ceremony and some more amazing photos from Sochi!

“The Closing ceremony was beautiful! I actually watched it twice – one time at the Fisht stadium and a day later – on TV. When you are at the stadium – you see the scale and enjoy the lighting effects. When you watch the ceremony on TV – you see the details – facial expressions of artists, a tear on the bear’s cheek. We actually participated in the lighting show ourselves – each visitor had a medal and it changed colors – red, blue, white. You will see the medal in the photo gallery below”, says Olga.

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  • ludger - 8 years ago

    Just sad the reputational effect of the Sotchi games didn’t last long due to the Russian invasjon of the Crimera province in Ukrainia. Concerning global image building, the budgest has been wasted completely by the military intervention and occupation.