How Do We Cope With Long Winter?

My good friend (who lives in Miami) sent me this question today – How do you cope with the long winters? Great question and great timing as by Feb we are quite tired of snow and b&w views from our windows.

How Cold Does It Get In Russia?

You might have read one of the first posts in my blog on that topic. I wrote that cold is not a problem, it is a lack of sun and grey sky and traffic jams, that gets you. Well… arctic temperatures are also not fun. There are just a few days during the year, when it is really Cold, even by our standards, but yes, these are really cold days. And we do not enjoy them as much as Summer days. Still, what is good – it is always Very warm at homes and offices.

10 Tips On How To Survive Russian Winter

  1. Make Sure Your Car Is Well Equipped For The Winter

The most important part of your car in Winter is your car battery. Just buy a new one every 2 years and your car will start every morning. It is that simple. Also – buy a windshield washer fluid for minus 20C. For the entire Winter. Then – Winter tires. Mine are with studs. Finally – 4WD SUV, better choose manual transmission. Every Summer I am thinking about getting a sexier car, sedan, coupe or even a convertible. Every Winter I am happy that I am driving a car, that is good  for any terrain. I should wash it though – I barely remember that it used to be dark blue…

Car battery

02. Dress Well

That means both – dress warm and love your Winter outfits. I have plenty of Winter coats – from a nice mink coat for going out to the short and long puff coats. Plus – lots of scarfs and mittens and gloves and boots. Even if it is minus X and/or a snowfall and a grey sky – nice looking clothes put you in a good mood

03. Taxi Is Your Friend

Cab in Moscow is at your doorstep in 2 min. Day or night, thanks to the apps. If you do not feel like digging your own car out of snow or looking for parking – that is a great option!

04. But How Do You Wake Up, When It Is Dark?

Coffee? Good Music? Chatting with friends?

If all that fails – I suggest a HappyLight lamp – that thing really works. I have not used it this Winter, but used it before. 15 min of light of the right spectre and you forget your Winter Blues.

happy lamp

05. Look At The Cultural Life In The City

Theaters, exhibitions, movie premiers – you name it. Best cultural events happen during Winter. Enjoy that!

Bolshoy Theater

Bolshoy Theater

06. 1 Hour+ Commute To The Office?

Find an FM station broadcast, that makes you laugh in your car. Or use any other tactics, described in this post. Chat with friends, drink coffee, have breakfast, do your make up. With the right state of mind this hour is not wasted, on the contrary, it could be the most enjoyable hour of your day.

07. Shop Until You Drop!

Best sales happen in lowest times of the year. Take advantage of that!

08. Ski!

Easy to say, difficult to follow. Both Moscow and St.Pete are located on a flat terrain. No earthquakes whatsoever, but no mountains as well. Fly to Sochi or to Alps, both are super close. You can wake up in Moscow in the morning and hit the slopes in the afternoon. How cool is that? Or you can skate in the city, which is cool too!

Roza Hutor

Roza Hutor

09. What If Nothing Works?

Plan a getaway. Seriously. There are plenty of places on our planet, which have warm beaches, palms, seafood etc. People there wait for your arrival! Don’t make them wait!

And you do not have to move there for 1-2 weeks, if you like it there – move for a year! Bold decision, but it may bring you happiness!

10. Think About Spring Coming Up

3 months from now it will be all over and Moscow (and other cities in Russia) will become a great place! Just wait for that!

Cheers from the Winter Wonderland! Stay warm!

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  • Emma - 5 years ago

    I suppose it is what one gets used to. In the UK, two flakes of snow and the whole country holds its breath; the third flake and the country grinds to a halt. Only a slight exaggeration! Probably because we don’t get such a weather extreme that we don’t buy weather tyres, snow chains etc. Instead, it just rains… and rains… and rains!

  • Marsha - 5 years ago

    I really liked what you said about having a winter wardrobe that will make you feel better. You seem to have a really positive outlook on coping with the long winter. You mentioned going to Sochi to ski. Are the areas left over from the Olympics now used as tourist attractions? So much time and money was put into the area, just wondered if it was still being used. I am still enjoying my mini trips to Russia, every time I read one of your articles!

  • Sprayandpay - 5 years ago

    Glad this isn’t stupid redit stuff. I miss the old days of blogs. Now everything is sadly twitter or reddit and they both are sarcastic. Like a post like this would be like “We just lite up our ass!” or “We just get stoned and don’t care!” kind of posts which are not only not funny but are not helpful.

  • Sprayandpay - 5 years ago

    Scotland laughs at the UK when they shut down.