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Iron Madness Or What Russian Tourists Want

I was booking some travel today and read reviews of hotels at my destination. At some point I decided to filter Russian reviews and was stunned. Guess what is one thing that any Russian traveler demands in his/her room?

Iron Board It Is!

100% of Russian travelers mentioned the absence of an iron board in the hotel rooms. Hoteliers, pay attention! Russians need an iron anywhere they travel! I actually looked through other travelers reviews out of curiosity – nobody mentioned the need to iron! So, that must be a particular Russian thing.

I thought – I am not that dependent on having an iron in a hotel room. But yes, it is nice when it is provided. And then I also remembered that I bought an iron board last week, since mine broke down (literally). Delivery of an iron board to the office made people laugh a bit, but everybody understood that it is an important purchase and even shared their “ironing stories” and tips for choosing both iron and iron board. So, why do we like to iron so much?

Absence of Dryers

No laundromats in Russia!

That discussion brings us to the other topic – washers/driers. My American readers, you would not believe what I will say now. Russian people do not know, what a laundromat is. We do not have any. Every urban Russian household has a washing machine at home. And now, guess what? No one has dryers! So, folding clothes is an unheard problem for us. We dry clothes old style and then we iron them. ALL OF THEM! Including the bed linen! And clothes for babies are ironed from both sides. Isn’t that crazy?

Non-wrinkle Fabrics? Have Not Heard Of Them

In general, Russian people prefer natural fabrics – cotton, linen etc. All those need to be ironed to look good. Men shirts that do not need to be ironed are not popular here (even though it is a great invention).

Giving bed linen and shirts to a dry cleaner is not popular at all too – it is expensive and quality is so so.

Why Do We Care?

Have no idea! My Russian friends – need your opinion on that bizarre habit!

And what do you care about when reading hotel room reviews? My guess is that Americans note whether AC is functioning well. What about my readers from other countries? What is important for you – free wi-fi, quality bed, USB outlets, good water pressure, coffee machine in the unit? Anything else?

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  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    “Including the bed linen! And clothes for babies are ironed from both sides.” Tanya, I’d say this statement was true in the 20th century.
    With bed linens which fitted sheets there is no need to iron and I don’t think they are ironed by everyone. Re clothes for babies – everything was ironed when we were growing up, 30-40 years ago because “sterility for babies” was promoted by pediatricians. Now the trend is to actually avoid things being sterile. Neither I nor my friends with babies iron baby clothes.

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    For me, as someone who lives in America, I care most about whether the rooms smell like cigarette smoke. But at the same time, I have hardly been to any hotels in my life.

  • Emma - 5 years ago

    Ironing! Oh lordy – I go on holiday to get AWAY from the iron!! For me, cleanliness is the top priority. My sister and I stayed in a French hotel… and found nail clippings under the bed. Eeeuwww!

    • kitoo - 4 years ago

      aha good

    • vinod kumar - 4 years ago

      Popular post its. i am very happy to these words. thanks

  • Marsha - 5 years ago

    This was so interesting and informative. I do so enjoy your writing. Ironing in the US was very important until around the 60s. Man made fabrics were introduced and most required little to no ironing. However, the fabrics always seemed hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I have always preferred natural fabrics that will breathe. As for the ironing today, I will iron some cottons and linens, but never bed linens! I do have an older sister that still irons her bed linens. lol

  • Karen A. - 5 years ago

    While traveling in Russia, how will I be able to clean my clothes if there are no laudromats? I try to pack light and usually run out of fresh clothes after a week or so.

    • Tanya Golubeva - 4 years ago

      Hi Karen,

      Unfortunately the only solution would be either to wash your clothes in the hotel or use hotel’s laundry service (which could be very expensive)


  • vinod kumar - 4 years ago

    Dear admin i feel very good after this article – good post – тур в тадж махал

  • Marko Stipanov - 4 years ago

    It is not an exclusive Russian thing. All written above is valid for Croatia and Croatians.

  • lostinxanadu - 4 years ago

    My mother is obsessed with the iron. It is her favorite thing too. And she still irons underclothes and bed linens on both sides- to sterilize them XD

  • Anonymous - 3 years ago

    Well, In Saint Petersburg was a cafe place with laundromat on Nevsky prospect by Kazan Cathedral. It was around 10 years ago. I am pretty sure that there are more of them in Russia. PS. I like your website, but this article is not entirely true. Best, Sascha

  • Aquarian - 3 years ago

    Comfortable bed, easily accessible shower, heating/cooling. And location, location, location.

  • vinod kumar - 3 years ago

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