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Healthy Lifestyle – A New Trend In Russia

Russians are well-known for their love for vodka and festive dinners, which include lots of pies and salads with mayo. Being in a cold country, that is understandable. But guess what – the current trend is against all that! It is all about healthy lifestyle now!

Planking Is A Thing Here

Let me entertain you first with this wonderful story from my friend Crazy Russian Dad:

Wasn’t that worth watching?)) But really, planking has become The Thing in Moscow too. One of my colleagues does planking in the office every day! I am not kidding! And she has a special app for planking on her phone, which tells her how long she has to plank on a particular day!

Yoga Craziness

I first heard about yoga as a kid. At that point this topic was as relevant as building colonies on Mars. Yogi were people, who walk on burning coal, do head stands and do other crazy things. In the recent years most of my friends started to do yoga and claimed that they actually enjoy the peace of mind and the flexibility of the body that comes with that practice. I tried yoga several times, once actually liked the Bikram (hot) yoga, but that was while traveling, so I could not continue in that studio. But I thought that yoga is not for me – I enjoy more active sports. Guess what – I am now going to yoga twice a week and even bought my yoga mat, as well as a pile of yoga clothes. And it does bring my body and mind in a good state, I admit that!

Marathons And Fitness/Sport Fests

All my friends run. More than that –  they sign up for running in other World cities and get excited if they win a chance to run… and a chance to pay a significant fee for that. Umm, I am not with them on that. And guess what – some of my friends also bike and not only bike, they bike in winter, in Russian Winter, and bike for hours!

You should go to parks in Moscow in Summer too. Hundreds of people are biking, rollerblading, running and participating in various sport/fitness festivals. That is crazy, but good crazy!

Farm Products

To be fair – Russia is lagging 3 years from the US. Kale is just entering the market, organic is still in talks (no proper legislation, governing that topic). Farm products have become mainstream though and farm markets are in fashion. Best markets not only offer produce, but also ready-made food.

Here is a video of one of the Central Moscow farmer’s markets:

What is interesting – food markets have always been a not so nice places here. And now they have become a cool place to hang out, have brunch or lunch on a weekend. How did that happen?

And here is a link to a very interesting article (sorry, it is in Russian) about guys, who tried to build an agricultural business, growing kale in Russia and how they failed to earn money on that –

Food Delivery Of All Kinds

What changed too is how we get our lunches at work. Earlier we were limited to whatever cafes or canteens are around the office. Now choices are endless because of the food delivery apps. Of course that results in a disruption of work processes every day, starting from half past noon, when people start to discuss day’s lunch.

A separate breed are people, who order “food constructors”. Motives vary – from convenience to getting in shape fast. But I suspect what they really dig is the craft bags filled with smaller bags and instructions.

Still A Long Way

Spinach smoothie

Although we are moving towards a healthy lifestyle, most happiness I see in the office is when we order Burgers. And, I still do not see co-workers with green smoothies. I am sure that will come soon. Until then – cheers to the balance!

Is Healthy Lifestyle The Thing where you live? Share your experiences please

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    how common is female smoking in Russia nowadays?