Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all readers of my blog! I wish you all the best of love, happiness and success in 2015!!! Thank you very much for staying with me for all the 2014!!! It has been a great year for my blog! I greatly enjoyed your thoughtful letters and comments and your interest to my posts!

New Year’s Eve is The Biggest Holiday in Russia! So, I would like to briefly share with you why it is so important, what we hope to get every New Year and what we do during this magic night!

  • We start to prepare for the New Year from September-October! That is the time to book travel if you want to do a trip abroad. Winter is long and cold here, so most people choose to go to warm places. Egypt, Goa and Thailand are the most popular destinations. But people really do travel all over the world, since we have a really long winter holidays. I am writing this from Buenos Aires, Argentina!
  • December is when preparations for the New Year go into the full swing! People are buying New Year presents, so Moscow is usually stuck in 10 out of 10 traffic jams by Dec 25th. As you already know from my previous posts – our Christmas is after the New Year – on Jan 6th and for most people new Year is the biggest holiday.
  • A lot of people pay attention to horoscopes at this time of the year. Russian people are quite superstitious in general and believe in good luck and signs. But before the New Year we also read about “the animal of next year” and plan what to wear and how to celebrate according to that
  • buying a new year tree

    Buying a New Year tree – selecting a magic

    Buying and decorating a Christmas tree is a must for most households. If there are children in the household – it is an especially important and fun activity. Most families have a set of Christmas decorations that were cherished in a family for years if not decades. Those are being put to use! People prefer to have live trees and usually keep them for a while (since it is a pain and no fun to un-decorate them and dispose of the tree)

  • Russian festive dinner

    Russian festive dinner

    The biggest activity for the New Year’s Eve is actually eating! We do put a lot of effort in cooking a festive meal to share with family and friends. New Year’s Eve is a night to spend at home for most of us. It is not about going to bars or clubs. Young people may celebrate the brink of the year with parents and then go clubbing, but most people do stay at home and spend most of Dec 31st cooking and all the night eating

  • We also watch TV – A LOT! On the evening of Dec 31st we watch the same New Year movie for 25 years “Irony of Fate” – it does not get boring with age. The plot is – a guy is planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his fiancé in Moscow, but he goes in a sauna (Russian version – “banya”) with friends during the day but they all celebrate too much… and in the end send him to St’Petersburg instead of another guy. He comes to St’Pete, catches a taxi to his Moscow address, which happens to also exist in St’Pete. He arrives to the apartment, enters with his key and it is a same apartment, just in the other city. That may sound crazy, but in fact – that could’ve been true. Most cities had streets with similar or equal names, al Soviet apartments did look typical, even the lock could’ve worked. He is still drunk, so he falls asleep on the couch and then the owner of the apartment – a beautiful woman arrives. She is not happy about the stranger, sleeping on her couch in boxers, since she is expecting her fiancé to show up. And from there, it is a comedy of situations for the rest of the movie. We usually watch this movie when we prepare Olivier (“Russian”) salad. Here is the link to the movie in case you want to watch it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVpmZnRIMKs&index=1&list=PL9E67823658DBB5CC&spfreload=10
  • Champagne is The drink of the New Year

    Champagne is The drink of the New Year

    At night – we start the feast at 11-11:30 pm. We start it with saying good bye to the previous year. Then there is always a president’s speech on TV 10 min or so before the midnight. If you watch TV (and all people do) – it is unavoidable, since it is on all channels. And at midnight – we see the main clock on the Red Square beat 12, drink champagne and make a wish. This wish is bound to come true!

  • And kids wishes are coming true in the morning, when they wake up and see presents, brought to them by Grandfather Frost, while they were asleep. In the recent decade, Father Frost has got a permanent residence in the town of Velikii Ustyug – kids write letters to him and parents make sure letter reach him))
  • After the New Year, we have 11 more holiday days this year! Most people will continue eating, watching other New Year movies on TV, visiting friends and doing outdoor winter activities. It is fun times!
  • And we are not different from any other people all over the world – we have our New Year resolutions and we do stick to them for at least a week :-)

May your wishes come true this year and New Year resolutions keep true for more than a first week! I wish you the Happy and Wonderful 2015 and will be back with you after Jan 11th!

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