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Plans for 2017

Hello my dear readers! Happy New Year from Moscow with all my Love!

Learn Russian language

Russian Language is Difficult Even for Native Speakers

One of top 5 questions I get in emails from my readers is “How to learn Russian?” Russian is indeed one of the most difficult…

Globe and language bubbles

Learning Foreign Languages…and Not Speaking Them

I often get questions – how many languages do Russians speak? Do all Russians speak English? Aside from English, would the next favorite foreign Western…

USA vs. USSR arcade hockey.

✎GUEST POST: American Perspective on the Soviet Union

Understand Russia is thrilled about having the first guest post from friend and colleague from the business school Andrew, who writes the blog about wise…


Understand Russia In 50 Posts!

This is the 51st post in Understand Russia blog. Small or big, but that is certainly a milestone. I thought it will be interesting to make…

Public speaking is scary

Are Russians Good Public Speakers?

Short answer is NO. Most Russians are terrible public speakers. Now, let’s try to understand – why.

Back to school postcard

Back To School – Russia

September 1st is the day, when we start the new school year in Russia. This day is significant for both students and for adults whether…

Robots in Moscow

Robots Among Us

The term “robot” was introduced by Czech playwright Karel Capek in his play about humanlike machines. In Czech the original word “robota” means grunt work…


Facts and Legends about Moscow State University

MSU is named after Mikhail Lomonosov. He was an amazing self-made man. Born in a village near Archangelsk (North of Russia), he was so keen…

Cheating at exams

25th of January – Student’s Day and Tatiana’s Name Day

Do all Russians celebrate their name days as you do? The short answer is no. Name day used to be celebrated by most people in…