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Plans for 2017

Hello my dear readers! Happy New Year from Moscow with all my Love!

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straight railway

How To Travel In Russia – By Car, Plane Or Train?

Looking at the map of Russia, tourists often wonder which transport to choose for their travel – car, plane or train? Pros and cons and insider’s view on experiences you will get may help you plan your trip.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning In Russia

Time before Easter and/or May Holidays is time to do Spring cleaning, both at home and in the city. Here is how we, Russians, approach this task.

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Flower language

Flower Etiquette In Russia

Flowers are beautiful. But what is more important – flowers are symbolic. Flowers follow us on all special occasions. Knowing “flower etiquette” is key, especially if you live in Russia. I am your guide, follow me!

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age stereotypes

Age Stereotypes In Russia

Age stereotypes are as strong as gender stereotypes in Russia. Age-appropriate behaviour, clothes, hairstyles. Age discrimination at work. Are the age stereotypes internal or external? How far is Russia from Western countries on that dimension?

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Gender stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes In Russia

Many Russians are intolerant to any kind of diversity. A person’s behavior should fit in “age and gender appropriate” image. Let’s explore what that means and why that happens, starting with gender stereotypes.

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Learn Russian language

Russian Language is Difficult Even for Native Speakers

One of top 5 questions I get in emails from my readers is “How to learn Russian?” Russian is indeed one of the most difficult languages to learn because of grammar, pronunciation and exceptions to the rules. But guess what?! We, Russians, study our language for 10 years in school, yet very few people do not make grammar mistakes when they write or speak.

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Small Talk

Small Talk – Does It Exist In Russia?

Foreigners often say that Russians are too direct. One of manifestations of that is going straight to the point at business meetings or in social situations. That makes people from some countries, especially Americans, very uncomfortable. Why don’t we do small talk?

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Globe and language bubbles

Learning Foreign Languages…and Not Speaking Them

I often get questions – how many languages do Russians speak? Do all Russians speak English? Aside from English, would the next favorite foreign Western language for Russians be French? Do Russian students ever have an opportunity to study Latin in school? Are Russian students interested in learning Chinese? Let’s explore.

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strela watch

Time Is Fluid In Russia

A friend called me last week and asked, why is it impossible to set up a meeting with Russians far in advance and be sure that the meeting takes place as agreed. He also asked why there is always a need to re-confirm a meeting an evening before. I thought that it has something to do with how Russians perceive time and it is a great topic to investigate.

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