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Russian Pets – Episode 1

One topic that will certainly unite my readers everywhere in the world – pets.  We all love animals, whom we bring to our homes. Let’s explore, what kind of pets live in Russian homes. It is such a rich topic, we will have several posts about this subject!

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healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle – A New Trend In Russia

Russians are well-known for their love for vodka and festive dinners, which include lots of pies and salads with mayo. Being in a cold country, that is understandable. But guess what – the current trend is against all that! It is all about healthy lifestyle now!

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Iron pile

Iron Madness Or What Russian Tourists Want

I was booking some travel today and read reviews of hotels at my destination. At some point I decided to filter Russian reviews and was stunned. Guess what is one thing that any Russian traveler demands in his/her room?

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From Russia With Love!

My dear readers! I was thinking – how to celebrate St’Valentines with you and how to show my love to you on this very special day! I think that I have found a way – in this post I share my family recipe for the best pies ever. Enjoy! Love you!

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How Do We Cope With Long Winter?

My good friend (who lives in Miami) sent me this question today – How do you cope with the long winters? Great question and great timing as by Feb we are quite tired of snow and b&w views from our windows.

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Let’s Build UnderstandRussia Playlist Together!

Hello my dear friends! Announcing a fun collaboration – let’s build UnderstandRussia playlist together! Which songs come to your mind, when you think about Russia? Which famous Russian songs do you know? Share your thoughts in comments please!

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Serving Food – Russian Way

I love receiving your questions about Russia! It is fascinating to see what interests you and which questions you ask. I would’ve never invented some of those questions (because I am an insider and do not notice a lot of things), but I am always happy to answer them. This post is for Emma from Devon, UK, who reached out to me with her letter and a list of great questions!

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Plans for 2017

Hello my dear readers! Happy New Year from Moscow with all my Love!

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straight railway

How To Travel In Russia – By Car, Plane Or Train?

Looking at the map of Russia, tourists often wonder which transport to choose for their travel – car, plane or train? Pros and cons and insider’s view on experiences you will get may help you plan your trip.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning In Russia

Time before Easter and/or May Holidays is time to do Spring cleaning, both at home and in the city. Here is how we, Russians, approach this task.

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